You have reached us because you or someone you care about is suffering from puzzling chronic conditions such as headaches, stomach disorders, fatigue, depression, and many other problems. Tests have come up negative and you want answers.
What you will find out at this time will most likely be the missing piece of the puzzle. What we discovered helped our family and thousands of others. Some skeptics will think, "It's too simple an explanation", but the truth is, most of us are suffering needlessly because of so-called "safe" food additives, namely excitatory neuro-transmitters (nicknamed excitotoxins). The main ones are monosodium glutamate (MSG), aspartame, and L-cysteine. You may think that you are actually avoiding MSG if you avoid Chinese restaurants, but this factory created flavor enhancer is in almost every bottled, bagged, frozen, or canned processed food on super market shelves. But since MSG is often a component of a formulation, it is not labeled as such. You've seen words like autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed protein, and whey protein. Each of these substances contain a percentage of glutamate, the harmful component of MSG.
I didn't correlate my headaches and diarrhea to the food I was eating for years. Most of us don't because reactions to these excitatory substances can occur from ten minutes to 48 hours after ingestion. But when my 19 year old son began to develop debilitating headaches, my search for answers led me to the culprit: MSG. If you suspect that your health problem may be connected to MSG or glutamate toxicity, please continue to learn all you need to know to be able to avoid this dangerous, well hidden food additive.
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Debby and Mike Anglesey


Battling the MSG Myth