2014 MSG Update

17 years!  That’s how long our book has been in print.  It’s been an amazing and sometimes challenging journey.

People we have helped years ago, sometimes ask , “Are you still fighting the fight?”, “Selling books anymore?”, “Reaching anyone?”

YES!  We have helped thousands from New York to California and from Hong Kong to London.  And they, in turn, are reaching others.  The truth about MSG and hidden MSG is spreading.  Look at the demand for healthier restaurant offerings, organic foods, and better school lunches.  We are not taking credit, but what we are witnessing is a reaction to the way people have been feeling in recent years.  They've seen the ridiculous rise in ADD, ADHD, Autism, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Obesity, Early Onset Alzheimer's, and other modern age “diseases”, and they are tired of poor or no answers from the medical community.

We are what we eat and what we are eating as a nation is appalling! We fill our bodies with addictive neurotoxic and chemically laden processed foods!  Are we still naive enough to believe that all the highly advertised, money-driven, factory-created, pseudo-foods are safe? Do we actually believe that tests on foods, which are paid for and overseen by the companies that produce them, are unbiased and filled with good intentions for our health? The bottom line is profit, pure and simple.

In my 17 years of actively trying to help and educate consumers, we have learned much about human nature.

  1. We can be very addicted to foods even when we suspect or even know they are making us sick.
  2. We are also swayed under peer pressure or family criticisms.  How many times have I read an e-mail or post from a parent who states:  “But my 5 year old won’t eat anything made from scratch.”, or “My husband loves to eat out and he could never give up his fries or hamburger from his favorite fast food restaurant!”  Of course, the man already has racing heart and has been to the ER four times.  And the child is covered in hives and can’t focus in school.  I have heard this over and over.  People, you need to take control of your health and your family’s health.  Hungry children will eventually eat what you make at home.  Skeptical husbands, friends, or family members who resist change, will, more often than not, become sick enough to ask for help.  Which brings me to #3.
  3. People will roll their eyes in disbelief that MSG is dangerous.  From my own experience, in the first few years, I was so driven to tell friends and family about MSG, that I wasted time and energy.  I saw the expressions and body language that said, “She’s so extreme!” and “She’s nuts!”  I learned to shut up.  All I had to do was concentrate on getting healthier myself, keep learning more, write my findings and experiences down, and wait!  After a few years many of my worst scoffers had come to me for information and help.
  4. Education is the key.  I have confidence that the scientific proof of what we are sharing exists.  People have posted more and more studies on our site that relate to MSG toxicity.  I am also sure that many tests are ignored or buried.  The multibillion dollar food industry, chemical companies, and the pharmaceutical industry not only control what the public perceives about MSG’s safety, but depend on that myth to make billions.

My job is not to prove MSG’s safety or danger.  Tests can be manipulated either way, as history proves.

I’m here to tell you that we have some vital people-tested and time-tested information that everyone needs to know.  Thousands have thanked us for our book, our site, and the work we do.  Why?  Words from them like:  “We have our son back!” (Autism).  “I can walk again without pain.” (Fibromyalgia).  “I only get symptoms now if I eat MSG by mistake”(MS).  “I am out of the wheelchair and can participate in body building competition again.” (He stopped the protein drinks and bars).  “I’m back in college and doing great with my microwave, single burner, and tiny fridge.” (Migraine sufferer).  “The teachers began wondering what our daughter was doing in special ed classes, so now she is back in regular classes.” (ADHD).

Yes, we sell books, not because we promote them but because people who have them share their MSG and new health experiences with others.  The circle widens.  Technology has opened the doors for us.  Our site, chat room, printed book, e-book, and the chatter on the Net are the driving forces that enable us to reach and help other MSG victims.

We love this work and we love hearing your before and after MSG stories.

Keep them coming!

You keep us going and we are thankful and so happy to know that with your help and God’s help, we are making a difference.



Battling the MSG Myth