After suffering for 21 years from several chronic conditions caused by MSG, and finally finding relief for both herself and her son, Debby spent one and a half years researching and writing a book to help other victims. This highly informative book is recommended for people who suspect or know their migraines, stomach disorders, or other chronic conditions are caused by Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and Aspartame. It offers over 400 recipes and several chapters devoted to educate the wary consumer. Many doctors and clinics use and recommend this book for their sensitive patients. Since glutamate is hidden under many aliases in processed foods, avoiding it is tricky without the facts. This book will educate and guide you to a new world of health as you learn how to substitute your present MSG tainted foods for healthy ones.  We hope the following reviews of our book and the work we do will be beneficial to you.

The comments listed below are taken from e-mail that we have received and comments from our discussion board.

Deb A., Thank you for your information. I also wanted to tell you how wonderful and helpful I think your book is. I love to cook and all the recipes are terrific. Thank you!

This is the best site! Deb A. has been the biggest help to me. Not only has her book saved my life, but she has talked me through some really rough months when I first realized my anxiety attacks and my awful headaches were caused by MSG. I was so scared at first, DJ, but gradually you learn the facts and learn the right way to eat. I have never posted before, and have to use a friend's computer to do so, but I try to check this board as much as I can. Debby, you probably don't realize all the good your book and this site is doing. Please keep up the good work, and a gigantic thank you to you and the others who post here.

Yes, I feel guilty, I didn't order Debby's book until very recently. I was slow to order it because I was trying to save money, and I had figured out quite a lot (I thought) on my own - I had read the Excitoxin's book by Dr. Blaylock, and read lots on this website, but realize I really should have gotten it sooner. I could have saved myself many agonizing MSG incidents for both my husband and myself if I had only gotten Debby's book sooner!! Live and learn.

Hello to everyone! Deb, we have talked on the phone a few times, and I am a proud owner of your cookbook...some pages are really struggling (brownie fudge cake, homemade catshup!)It is my 2nd Bible. I find it very hard to relate to people, especially at work, the dangers of what they are eating. They complain about headaches all day long....My own daughter has MSG sensitivity, but refuses to give up her favorite junk foods. My biggest surprise is that when I started eliminating MSG from my diet, my Rosacea improved almost 100%. But I cannot get people on the Mainstream Rosacea board to listen, it is almost impossible for them to believe that something as simple as a food additive, completely eliminated from their diets, would make them much better. Easy to say, but very hard to change years of bad eating habits. What a shame! It wasn't hard for me, only somedays I am just too tired to cook. I know there is some kind of connection between Rosacea and MSG sensitivity. All the people on the board, including myself experience the same kind of ailments, symptoms as do the people on here. I would like to write to Dr. Walsh (Food Allergy Book) and tell him, but I don't have his address. I guess I should write the publisher and see if they can help. Thanks to you all, and thanks to Deb!

Karen, IF you want to truly get rid of the symptoms of FMS (Fibromyalgia,) you must learn what to avoid and read labels. At first it is difficult but the time comes when you know all of the aliases of MSG to survive and live a symptom free life. For me just getting whey or vitamins would cause what is called a FMS flare. Eating out is difficult and very limited and for me not worth the effort or the possibility of getting something that causes me pain and suffering. Debby's book, in my opinion, is a must. Knowledge is the key. For breakfast I love to eat my own homemade pancakes, maple syrup and strawberries. For lunch my own meat loaf, beef, tuna burger sandwich, salad and etc. It is hard to show you what to eat not knowing your likes and dislikes or the locale where you live because of different brands of food.

Before I became pregnant, I decided to get very serious about avoiding MSG and aspartame. I fasted for almost two days and just drank water the first day and then homemade lemon juice made with honey. I felt like a new person. I had energy and I could think so clearly. That sure proved to me the effect food poisons were having on me. I did take folic acid the first 2 months of my pregnancy and with the help of a dietician, I do not take any supplements after that. The prenatal vitamins I had started to take were giving me stomach trouble and constant headaches. Thanks to Debby A. and her book and you wonderful people who helped me here, I'm feeling better than I ever did. :-) This site and board are a godsend.

When I was five I ate raman noodle soup (a lot) and almost two days later I had a seizure. My mom took me to the doctor and they gave me an EEG. Nothing showed up. Someone told my mom that maybe MSG caused my seizure, so we stopped eating it (under the name MSG). I am eight now and I've had really bad headaches and pressure behind my eyes for the past three years. Recently I accidently ate MSG at a Chinese restaurant and 44 hours later I had another seizure. My mom checked out this web site and put me on an MSG free diet (hidden names, too). My headaches and eye pressure pain were gone in a week. I don't mind my new diet, in fact I kind of like it. My mom makes me yummy buttercreme candies from our new MSG free cookbook and I love them! My mom wants to know if other people get seizures from MSG. My doctor doesn't believe it happens and my mom wants to prove to him that it does.

Melissa, I got Debby A's book right after I found the site and all those hidden food sources of MSG were in there, like the powdered sugar. It's even in toothpaste and in some of the mascara I was using. thank God she did the footwork for us! Your story could be mine. My husband is not very sensitive to MSG, but when he eats away from home, he says he gets brain fog and is glad to eat what I make when he's here.

Dear Deb, I ordered a few of your cook books for myself and a couple of friends. My son also got one and told me recently he has never opened the book. Anyhow I will be ordering a couple very soon. One for the local hospital in my neighborhood. They swear up and down that no MSG is in the hospital meals. Right! So they will get a copy of your book. Maybe it will do some good. Also the lung specialist that I am not going to will get my copy and I will need to replace it. I am reading the beginning again at your recent suggestion. There is so much information in there that one needs to almost know the book by heart. The information is a tremendous help. I first made the connection when I read "In Bad Taste" like you I was trying to help my son with his migraine headaches. The doctors said they could do nothing to help him. Keep up all of your good work. Your book is worth ten times what the current cost is.

Pam--Roy is right. Deb's book is a great place to start. She includes a lot of information that will be useful for you helping avoid MSG in particular and also has tons of great recipes. Don't give up. It's difficult to be on any special diet, but know there are others here who can lend a helping hand.

Hi Pam, What would be a really good investment for you, if you don't already have it, is Deb's cookbook. I have made her magic chocolate cake so many times these last few has become a staple in our house. We eat it without icing, but with vanilla ice is delicious!!! She has a ton of recipes for cakes and other goodies...You really don't need any flavourings.


Hi Debby, Thank you for responding so promptly to my request for your book regarding MSG as quickly as you did. It was funny as I was outside walking my daughter and checked the mailbox and there was this package and I opened it not realizing what it was (as I thought I would have to wait much longer for it) and there it was with this Miss Avenger on the front, I put it back in the mailbox and continued on playing with my daughter. It wasn't until later that night when I was hopping in to bed that I remembered that it was there, I promptly got back out of bed and went and got it, from that point on I could not put it down. Obviously, the first thing I read was your story and it was just like reading about ME!!! It was like a shining light and when I read about the Lord leading you to the brochure on MSG, I knew that he at last had lead me to the information that would truly help me. Thank you for telling your story. I read the information up to the recipes and could be found regularly sitting there gasping with my mouth left open at some of the information. A lot of the information shocked me and it disappoints me so much that the people who are in power have forgotten who it is that put them there and who it is they are there to protect and serve. It has been almost a month of changing what I eat and using your recipes in the book (and changing them over to the Australian way), but I am doing really well and so many of the recipes are so quick and delicious. My story is that about 6 months ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, this was a devastating discovery for me and my lovely doctor (I mean that) who told me this is the specialist on it in Australia. His wife has it and he said that is was mainly an adjustment in lifestyle and an understanding of triggers and energy levels that would help me to live with it. Prior to this (2 years ago) I had a baby girl and as you say in your story, this should of been one of the happiest time of my life, although there have been wonderful times, I cannot say that I was enjoying it. From the moment she was born, I have had troubles sleeping, extreme fatigue, anxiety, chronic back, shoulder and neck pain, severe depression. I had also been suffering for a number of years with the same bowel problems that you speak of in your story, with excruciating pain every time it came time to go, to the point of wanting to vomit at the same time. I have also suffered from chronic headaches for many, many years, worsening in the last couple. I have been suffering with chronic fatigue for years, where I would wake up tired and could easily go back to bed after only being up for about 2 hours. All my meals are now cooked as MSG free as I can make them and I am very careful about what I buy. It is interesting doing the shopping now and seeing the different foods that come home to what used too. I often look at other people's trolleys to see what they are buying and am filled with disappointment at what they are putting into their mouths. When I received your book, I could of ticked just about all of the symptoms that you list on the front cover, now the number of ticks are diminishing. I have not had a headache for a couple of days, am going to the toilet like a 'normal' person and am not so tired during the day and waking up relatively refreshed. I do still take a high dose of anti depressants, but am beginning to see the light of the day when I no longer need them. I still take sleeping tablets, but I know that the day is sooner rather than later when I shall come off those too. Thank you for taking the time to write and investigate all that you have done. I know that this is the key to my feeling better already and just climbing the stairs of happiness everyday. Your book is wonderful and the recipes fantastic. I shall spread the word on MSG in Australia, although I do believe that it is becoming more of an issue everyday. We have heard a couple of news reports and interviews recently where this is becoming a real topic of discussion. Keep well and happy, you and your family are obviously wonderful people and I and my family wish you all the best forever.
DG, Brisbane, Australia

Karen--Yes, there's plenty of MSG in soft drinks. Your headaches could certainly be caused by MSG. I started looking at MSG last fall as a possible cause my son's hyperactivity and asthma. So, I can relate to what you're saying. My son just turned 6. Once I read Deb's book (I highly recommend it for it's information and also for the great recipes), I began to understand. It's taken awhile and it's not easy, but avoiding MSG has produced marked changes in my son's behavior. I feel much better now and my husband has noticed a decrease in mood swings. We have decided that going the organic route and watching labels for the many hidden names for MSG is worth our while. Having this group as a resource and support network has also been really helpful. Hang in there. If you need specific ideas for quick foods, etc., let me know. Believe me, I've been where you are (and I'm still not that far away).

A friend of mine found this web site at the first of the year and sent me info. on it. It turns out that my consistent headaches were from things I was eating. At the time I couldn't find a Doctor who believed me but God has put several in my path now and they are wonderful. It is so awful when no one knows how or what to treat you. Because regular migrane meds. did not take the headache away. Life is great now. Debs book was a life saver. Thank you

Phyllis, you have to get Debby's book. I got mine a couple weeks ago and it has been a lifesaver. I took it to the grocery store when I went shopping last week. 2 people asked me about it and both of them said they hated MSG and reacted to it, too. It will help you so much, trust me. I'm getting one for my sister who gets rage disorder or moody when she eats the stuff. I can't thank Debby enough for putting a survivors manual together for us.

Debbie D--I'd avoid any store-bought sausage. Deb A's book has some wonderful homemade sausage recipes. Also, avoid store-bought meats, most are sprayed with chemicals etc. Try to find a local farmer as a source for meat.

Deb A., I received my book yesterday! I am so excited. Thank you for getting it to me so quickly. I had expected to wait a week or 2 longer, so I was really tickled to get it so soon. Thank you so much for all you've done for us MSG-sensitive people. God bless you.

Hello Pat, I can remember about 6 years ago, when all of my illness began, one of the symptoms I had was heart a-fibs. I use to stand at the counter at work and pray, all the while my heart was doing its "dance". It was years later that I finally connected food to this problem, but the only a-fibs I get today happen after a cup of coffee. Even though we have all been affected differently by MSG poisoning, we share so much. Having a place to go like Deb and this web sight is truly a Godsend. THANKS Deb!

Deb A., I am loving your book! Thank you so much for writing it in the first place. Where would we be without your guiding force in all of this????? I am reaally impressed that you are actually taking the time to help us here on this bulletin board. I don't always post, but I check it everyday to learn something new and to feel the support of the rest of the wonderful people who do post here all the time. Sometimes it is what keeps me going when no one else will listen to me. Thanks again! The rice milk ice cream idea sounds good. I think you need to write another book!

Thanks for all the good advice. I'm going shopping today for sure. I am beginning to feel better. I know I have a long way to go, but this is the first thing that is working. Thank you for your book, Deb A. and thank you all for caring at this posting board. You are godsends.

Deb A., my doctor is having me consult with a nutritionist to make sure the food I eat will give me enough folic acid and vitamins and minerals. I'm am relieved that he is understanding and not fighting this. I told him about MSG and he says a lot of his patients react to it. I just received your book, and it is so excellent. I want to get a copy for several of my friends. I just know it would help them. Many of them are having 3 or more of the symptoms you listed on the cover. I think I get at least half of them. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for writing this book!

Anonymous, I highly recommend Debbie Anglesey's book. It's my bible now and every recipe I have tried so far is great and I've tried a lot of them. Even my husband is happy with the meals I make now.

Dear Anonymous: My primary symptom was facial swelling coupled with intense itchy rash for several days, during which time I felt bloated. When I finally made the MSG connection, bought Debby A's book, changed my eating habits, and prayed (not in that order), I became well!! I had been suffering for about 15 years off and on, and now I haven't had a headache in a year, no facial swelling, or bloating, virtually no gastrointestinal problems, and I feel great. I avoid MSG like a plague, and yet I eat well, with a varied diet, including sweets and treats. I know in my heart that you have found the answer to your problem. Just stick with it, as sometimes it takes one to two months to really see a difference. So many people get discouraged so easily, and fall back in to their old ways, or go out looking for the easy magic bullet. I would suggest persistence, and prayer.

Shirley, I don't want to sound pushy, by if I were you, I would get Debby A.s book. It is THE book to answer the questions you have been asking, not to mention the great recipes. I am a single dad and get my daughter on weekends. She is MSG sensitive too, and she loves the things I cook for her now. It used to be pizza and fast food, but not anymore. If I can learn to cook, anyone can!

M-Y, your story sounded a lot like mine, only I get heart pain like a knife, and terrible headaches. Like you, I came to the end of my rope, and finally had a very serious talk with the man upstairs. It was the evening of that same day that I found this site, ordered Debby Anglesey's book, and found the answer after seven years of hell. I feel like a new person and am so grateful.

I just learned that my horrific headaches have been caused all along from MSG. I am so depressed because I have a pantry full of canned "junk" that passes for food. I think I will give them to the Salvation Army for their food drive, but my husband is going to have a cow! I have an 8 year old son who is starting to complain of headaches and I know I will have to start sending him to school with his lunches. This may sound silly, but I am terrified that I won't be able to find enough food for him to eat, let alone make my husband happy. Everything has MSG in it from all the labels I've been frantically trying to read. It takes hours for me to shop! Debby A, I love your book. I read it until 2 in the morning. It all makes sense now. I had more than half of the other symptoms and I know most of my friends do too. Thank you for this site and all the work you are doing to help people like me. This whole thing just infuriates me!

We have been there too.  The anger is natural.  The disappointment in our FDA grows.  But we always suggest people channel that anger into helping others in their circle, and finding ways in their community to spread the word.  The truth about MSG and its cousins is growing.  Also growing is the movement towards natural, organic, and local farm products and away from processed foods and GMO crops.

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