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The 700 Club hosts Dr. Russel Blaylock and Jack Samuels on a four part series about MSG.

February 2007

Part 1 - The Hidden Danger in Your Food

Part 2 - Your Brains Biggest Enemy

Part 3 - MSG, Cancer, and Your Heart

Part 4 - Avoiding the MSG Threat


Dr. Russell Blaylock interview on MSG and brain-damaging excitotoxins, Mar 2012:

By the Health Ranger


60 Minutes MSG Report (1991):  60 Minutes

Debby’s TV and radio interviews:

Debby’s TV Interview:  TV Interview

Radio Interview 1999

Radio Interview 2005

Radio Interview 2007

Adrianne Samuels interview on “A Healthy You & Carol Alt”, January 27, 2014: Interview



The MSG Avenger


Battling the MSG Myth