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Author, Debby Anglesey, includes her own personal story; how she struggled with health issues for years, as test after negative test gave no answers to chronic and sometimes debilitating symptoms. Doctors often told her that her problems were a result of stress or modern age syndromes such as chronic fatigue and irritable bowel. Allergies, asthma, and severe headache plagued her as well as other very irritating symptoms. As the quality of her life deteriorated, she came to the end of her rope when her 20 year old son started suffering from horrendous headaches, tired achy eyes, numbness of his hands and arm, blurred vision, inability to think or speak clearly, and fatigue. Worried about his future, she began a course of action that resulted not only in the discovery of the cause for his suffering but happily, her own, too. Giving credit to God and a mother's tenacious love, she wrote her story and the book to help others discover what she did; that MSG and other neurotoxins are deadly substances and are causing or exacerbating many conditions that are stumping many doctors and specialists. As the saying goes, "We are what we eat." Find out if what you are putting into your body is nourishing or poisoning you or your loved ones.
The book exposes the myth that MSG, aspartame, and other excitatory neurotoxins are safe and that the FDA protects us from all harmful food additives. Keep in mind experts claim that 40 to 50% of us are MSG sensitive , many severely. If you think that by avoiding MSG in Chinese restaurants, you are not consuming MSG, you are completely wrong! This book will open your eyes to the wide range of products that you consume daily that are laced with MSG and other powerful excitatory neurotoxins. It lists tests done since the 60's that support the fact that MSG is toxic, personal testimonials and information about special interest groups, and it also covers subjects such as aspartame, sulfites, and reported symptoms.
In addition to Debby`s experiences with MSG, the book includes many stories of fellow victims, information about how to avoid MSG and other harmful substances, symptoms, helpful tips, articles, facts, over 400 recipes, and removable cards with MSG pseudonyms to carry with you while shopping or eating in restaurants.
The book contains over 230 pages, is letter size (8 1/2" x 11"), and is spiral bound for convenient use in the kitchen.

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